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MFS offers a wide range of services to our clients. Our knowledgeable and experienced sales, production, transport and customer service teams have a wealth of knowledge among them. This knowledge is shared with our customers, as our success depends on theirs

Feed Plan Management

MFS is fully capable of managing our customers' feed plans on their behalf. You give us your intended feed plan, and we can keep track of exactly where you are in the feeding cycle. This ensures that your herd or flock gets the right nutrients at those critical times throughout their life cycle. If you do not have a feed plan, MFS can assist in developing one for you

Swine Feed Management

MFS is very experienced in the management of feed programs for swine herds. We have resident swine account representatives with many years of experience in advising customers about feeding requirements

Ruminant Feed Management

Our ruminant account representatives are also very experienced and knowledgeable. Our team would be happy to assist or advise clients on feeding requirements for their herds

Poultry Feed Management

We take a lot of pride in our involvement in the poultry industry. We have invested a lot of time and effort in working with one of our key poultry accounts to ensure that our product is competitive, and meets or exceeds our customer’s requirements. MFS has had tremendous success in feeding meal feed to poultry

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